Ten Helpful Robots for Your Home


10 Robots That Can Help You at Home

Humans can live a little bit easier thanks to robots. Rock ‘n Roll Monkey’s Unsplashed photo

Helpful Robots for Household Tasks

There are a lot of interesting and practical ways that robots may assist you in your house. There are really many different kinds of robots that may be used to accomplish numerous chores around a home to save you some time, even though some home-based robots are only for entertainment. We’ll examine the several inventive ways in which robots might relieve humans of some of the mundane tasks that they formerly struggled with. Consumer robots are more than simply affluent people’s toys. They are useful in almost every home and come at a variety of reasonable prices.

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1. Roomba: Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum that cleans a home’s carpets was the first useful home robot that became widely accepted by homeowners. The industry leader in robotic vacuum cleaners is iRobot, which produces the Roomba model. Give the robot some directions, like when to vacuum a room during the day, and then step back and let it take care of the cleaning while you tend to other matters.

The Rob mow Robotic Lawnmower in action, cutting a lawn.

2. Rob mow: Lawnmower

Autonomous lawn-mowing robots are among the most practical and efficient kinds of home automation available. Appropriately named Robomow, one of the most well-known businesses, offers a wide variety of robotic lawnmowers at cost ranges that are affordable for the majority of customers. These little lawn assistants have navigational aids that help them stay inside predetermined bounds. Because Robomow employs triple mulching technology, there’s no need to even dump a bag of grass clippings.

Certain versions have the ability to automatically mow a lawn and even discover a charging station.

Using a robotic lawnmower is a great way to free up time for other activities if you’re someone who spends an hour or two every week mowing your lawn.

Businesses and homeowners alike can utilize the Avatar III Security Robot to monitor premises.

3. Avatar III Security Robot

One home security robot that can patrol your house and give back footage of what it sees is the RoboteX Avatar III Security Robot. It may be configured to patrol particular paths within a house and is even capable of ascending and descending the majority of common staircases. Additionally, it has a two-way audio system that you can utilize to converse with anybody it encounters. This feature might be helpful if you want to filter visitors to your front door.

4. Looj: Gutter Cleaner

Getting up on a ladder and cleaning the debris and grime that builds up in gutters is one of the tasks that homeowners hate the most. You won’t have to worry about it when the iRobot Looj robot does this unpleasant and time-consuming task. When positioned within a gutter, the Looj, a tiny remote-controlled robot, cleans out any debris that has accumulated inside.

5. Scooba: Floor Scrubber

Few individuals enjoy the tiresome process of floor scrubbing. One robot from iRobot that is capable of regularly washing hard surfaces is named Scooba. This clever tiny robotic cleaner cleans a floor by sweeping it first, soaking it with a soapy solution, scrubbing it, and then squeezing it clean.

6. ConnectR: Video Phone Communication Robot

Not every useful robot for the house does tasks that people would prefer not to. The term “mobile phone” takes on a new significance thanks to iRobot’s ConnectR. In essence, ConnectR is a mobile video phone. The ability for the person on the other end of the connection to operate the robot’s motions from their computer or smartphone is what makes this robotic video phone unique. Since the folks on the other end of the conversation may move the robot around at will to view everyone, it offers a terrific method to make a call to or from loved ones even more memorable.

The Dressman robot at work ironing a shirt with

7. Dressman: Dress Shirt Ironer

Siemens’ Dressman robot is sure to please anyone who despises ironing their dress shirts. Simply place your shirt on Dressman and allow the hot air to iron it. You no longer have to waste time fumbling with a hot iron and attempting to iron creases out of your garments. The dresser is prepared for it.

8. The Litter-Robot: Kitty Litter Box Cleaner

Cleaning out the litter box on a regular basis is the one chore that many cat owners hate. The Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. company’s clever Litter-Robot automates this tedious chore by gathering cat waste and putting it in a bag that is simple to dispose of when a light on the robot shows it is full.



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9. Dolphin Nautilus Plus: Pool Cleaner

One of the most often produced robots for use in homes is the robot pool cleaner. While having a pool might be fantastic, maintaining a clean pool can be laborious and time-consuming. These submersible robots make cleaning and vacuuming a pool much less difficult. Among the top robots for cleaning pools is the Dolphin Nautilus Plus.

The Makeblock mBot Kit Programmable Robot teaches children about robotics, electronics and how to write computer programming code.
Children may learn about electronics, robotics, and computer programming with the Makeblock mBot Kit Programmable Robot.

10. Makeblock mBot Programmable Robot Kit for Kids: Educational

One method to employ robots in the home is to teach kids in an engaging and participatory way about electronics, robotics, and computer programming. That is precisely the purpose of Makeblock’s mBot Programmable Robot Kit for Kids, which engages kids in fun learning while imparting critical science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) knowledge. There’s nothing like gaining fresh knowledge through practical experience. This instructional robot comes in a package that kids can construct with parental assistance, and they can program it to do enjoyable tasks. Once configured, a computer, tablet, or smartphone may use Bluetooth to operate the MBot robot.

How to Find the Best Robots That Can Help You at Home

It’s crucial to remember that the robots on the list of helpful household robots above are only a small selection of the robots that are now on the market for different household applications that aim to somewhat ease everyday living. If you want to get a robot to assist you around the house, there are many different types available from various manufacturers. Look around to learn about your options and choose the one that will work best for your space. Additionally, be sure the robot you want to buy has the features you want by reading internet reviews for any robots you are thinking about buying.

By 2020, there will be over 12 million robots on the market, up from 5 million in 2015. This is an annual growth rate of 17% for the consumer robotics business.

In lieu of formal, tailored advice from a competent expert, this information is accurate and truthful to the best of the author’s understanding.

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